We Select the Best Qualified Personal

In order to hire the best janitorial cleaning staff, we carefully screen new employees. We interview and choose the most knowledgeable and select according to appearance, drive and character. Our staff is orientated on company polices and procedures.
In addition, all our janitorial staff acquire in depth training which includes, standard and new janitorial cleaning methods, environmentally friendly janitorial cleaning, chemical handling, janitorial equipment training, safety training, and building security and awareness training.

Professional business standards are necessary to reassure the trust and accountability we provide for our clients. Hiring: All applicants are screened, interviewed, graded, regarding appearance, job knowledge, motivation and personality. Training: Employees are trained and orientated on performance, personnel polices, procedures and customer service. On Going Training: On going training on new cleaning technology, cleaning equipment, solutions and procedures. Identification: Every employee wears a uniform, and ID badge logo with employees name for easy identification.

We work hard to make your place clean

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